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Texas Takes Steps Against Voter Fraud: Will anyone else?

Voter ID required in Mexico

In my family, registering to vote went hand-in-hand with entering adulthood. On my 18th birthday, I excitedly registered. Even though, at the time, I would not consider myself politically active (I believed all politicians to be corrupt so I disdained getting involved), I still understood the immense importance of my right to vote.

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Ending the Texas Deficit

You may have heard that the state of Texas has a shortfall in the State budget. The deficit is estimated at $18 Billion. If you hadn’t heard, here is a good summary of the budget deficit and how Texans found out about it. Of course liberals say this proves that Texas’s conservative fiscal policies got them into trouble. Obviously, the cause of the deficit is not conservative policies but the recession. And it will be the conservative policies that save us in the end.

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