5 Minute International Update 02/26/2013

Another police guard shot in Pakistan while trying to protect polio vaccination workers. This is just one more death in a long string of shootings. At least 9 people including medical workers have died. While the anti-polio drive continues, the UN teams were canceled and withdrawn due to violence. While no group has taken responsibilities for the killings outright, the Taliban called the vaccinations a cover for spying and will sterilize Muslims.

Reports say that a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel this morning. No one was hurt. This comes only a day after 2 teenaged boys were injured by Israeli police during a Palestinian protest. The West Bank held multiple demonstrations in the last 4-5 days in support of jailed Palestinians held by Israel.

In Kazakhstan, Iran resumed talks over its nuclear program with 6 world powers: US, China, Russia, France and the UK (the UN Security Council) plus Germany (P5+1). Due to Iran’ actions in the past, not much resolution is expected from this meeting even though Iran says it is willing to make an offer.

Italian elections have no clear winner

Chuck Hagel confirmed as new Sec. of State

Mexico says 26,121 missing during drug war

Syrian opposition reverses it positions and says it will show up for talks in Rome (helping Kerry), Suadia Arabia has stepped up its arms distribution to Syrian rebels

Unarmed militiamen in Libya demanded higher pay and forced their way into an official’s office but he was away on business

Freedom and Justice Party (aka Muslim brotherhood) has drafted a new law in Egypt that places tight restrictions on NGO fundraising and foreign funding

US Senate unanimously passed a North Korean non-proliferation bill – pressure, sanctions

US is easing sanctions against Burma to try and increase business relations

UN has just removed Osama bin Ladin from their sanctions list

Michelle Obama photoshopped by Iran

Russia pushing anti-gay progranda law; Sergei Lavrov defends bill after Dutch criticism

EU gave Ukraine until May to prove its desires to be part of the west and its independence from Russia

Rebels in Central African Republic threaten to fight again as President Bozize has not kept his promises

Suicide bombers hit key city in Mali, France admits maybe this wasn’t as easy as they thoughts

John Kerry continues talks in Berlin to center on Syria and Iran/ John Kerry gaffes: makes up new country, says Americans have the right to be stupid