Top 3 International Stories I’m Watching Today

1) 5000 victims of cholera in Haiti put forward a claim for damages to the UN in Nov. 2011. Studies show that the illness was introduced to the country through a UN battalion from Nepal where it is endemic (at a steady-state… like chicken pocks in the US). The UN base was not properly sanitized and waste leaked into one of Haiti’s largest rivers. Over 500,000 contracted the disease and over 7,750 people died. The UN rejected the claim based on diplomatic immunity.

2) President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt has called for a 4-stage parliamentary election to hopefully calm the country. Opposition claims this will only lead to more tension. Regular protests and violence still continue in Cairo and other major cities.

3) The European Commission announced that the EU would improve economically in 2013, only to realize within a day that their numbers were incorrect and that the economy would actually contract throughout the year.