5 Minute International Update 02/20/2013

Bulgaria’s government resigns after 8 days of massive protests over the economic situation in the country. Parliament will vote on Thursday to accept the resignation or not and then then an election date will be announced.

Tunisia’s Prime Minister resigns after failing to set up a technocratic initiative. The country’s leading party, Ennhada has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and is being blamed for the country’s current instability. Feb 6th, opposition candidate Chokri Belaid was assasinated and since then protests and violence have torn up the country. The International Monetary Foundation is still in negotiations over a $1.78 billion loan which also may have promoted the PM resignation.

Syria hasn’t stopped. Scud missiles are attacking Aleppo and left around 50 dead since yesterday. Mortars in Damascus killed a soccer hero. UN is calling for a solution —still.

Cameroon president orders urgent rescues of French victims. After latest kidnappings, fear about Westerns in Africa goes up.

In Israel, centrist party forms coalition with Netanyahu’s, first agreement post elections.

Saudi Arabia swears in first female members of its advisory council

Bahrain accused Iran of setting up a terror cell to assassinate public figures& attack important buildings

Gulf states (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, etc) are stocking up on weapons as fears of nuclear Iran increase

However, Center for A New American Security released a study saying nuclear Iran would most likely not provoke an arms race, as many countries would rely on protection from their allies.

The UN says there has been increased violence against women in Afghanistan; David Cameron, PM of Great Britain says they will continue to provide training and support after troops leave in 2014

Police arrested 100 people in Turkey, during raids that targeted militants who may be involved in the US Embassy bombing that took place there this year

Israel and Turkey formed a defense deal for the first time in 3 years (equipment exchange)

China is denying US allegations that it has been cyberspying

The UN will be investigating North Korea for human rights abuses

North Korea blast estimated to be 25-times more powerful than the last one in 2009

Vladimir Pekhtin stepped down as head of the Russian ethics committee after it was found he owned $2 million worth of property in Miami undisclosed.

Prince Phillip of England tells nurse “Your country must be have empty, your all here running the NHS”