Top 3 International Stories I’m Watching Today

1) Bulgaria’s government resigns after 8 days of massive protests over the economic situation in the country. Parliament will vote on Thursday to accept the resignation or not and then then an election date will be announced.

2) Tunisia’s Prime Minister resigns after failing to set up a technocratic initiative. The country’s leading party, Ennhada has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and is being blamed for the country’s current instability. Feb 6th, opposition candidate Chokri Belaid was assasinated and since then protests and violence have torn up the country.

3) Syria hasn’t stopped. Scud missiles are attacking Aleppo and left around 50 dead since yesterday. Mortars in Damascus killed a soccer hero. Bombs went off near one of the presidential palaces. The UN is calling for a solution but there does not seem to be one in sight.


Originally posted at Choose Your Stance.