5 Minute International Update 02/15/2013

There was a sudden meteor shower in Russia. It started yesterday with very little warning, apparently very apocalypse-esque. 1000 people were seriously injured.

Thousands of people rallied in Iraq against the Prime Minister and the Shi’ite led government. Most of the protests happened in Sunni areas. They are calling for release of prisoners and a reform of the anti-terror laws. Elections for all levels of government are upcoming on April 20th.

South Korea says they have failed to detect radioactive elements that would have leaked after North Korea’s nuclear test earlier this week. No radioactivity was detected after the 2009 test either. This could mean that North Korea is overstating its ability, or that detection measures are not happening fast enough.

Georgian officials get in fist fight

Armenian Presidential Election to go ahead on Feb 18th despite Paruyr Hairikian requesting a postponement as he recovers from being shot

Kenyan government sued for police brutality after the 2007 election

Chief minister, Amir Haidar Khan Hoti of Pakistan’s NW providence, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, escaped unhurt from an attempted suicide bomb attack, the bomber did not survive

Indian troops at the border of the Kashmir region, shot/killed a Pakistani soldier who crossed the border

US calls for the release of 2 Iranian opposition leaders under house arrest since 2011

Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe announced March 16 – new constitution vote

Moldova starts its parliamentary session despite political unrest, and Speaker Marian Lupu’s proposal to postpone, Prime Minister Vlad Filat also says his part would leave its coalition

Somali militants claim to have executed a Kenyan soldier are the government failed to meet demands

The G20 meeting for finance ministers starts in Moscow, Russia

Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli troops during a rally in support of prisoner hunger strike

Egypt seized 2 tons of explosives headed to the Sinai Peninsula, Islamists rally against the protests that have killed 70 people – 5000 people

Cyprus’s opposition, right wing, Nicos Anastasiades, has a lead in the polls – presidential election, 2/17

150 killed in attack on Syrian airport in Aleppo, over the past 2 days

NASA’s mo-hawk guy got to go to the SOTU Bobak Ferdowsi; stars and stripes for the curiosity landing