Top 3 International Stories I’m Watching Today

1. Lowest number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan for 6 years; however attacks on government employees and local leaders by militant insurgents has increased by 700% in 2012. There was a 12% drop in overall civilian casualties though, 2,754 in 2012, compared to 3,131 in 2011. 80% of those who are killed are by insurgents. There was an increase in drone strike civilian deaths, 16 killed in 2012 (72%) increase.

2. 7 French citizens have been kidnapped in Cameroon, include 4 children. This is right after an Islamist extremist group Answaru in Nigeria claimed to have kidnapped 7 foreigners. It is unknown if the two events are related.

3. Grenada is holding parliamentary elections today for the first time in 5 years. The country has a 30% unemployment rate and has been struggling economically.