5 Minute International Update 02/14/2013

double amputee with mechanical legs that got to compete in the REAL Olympics instead of just the paraolympics? Oscar Pistorius of South Africa has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend, a model and spokesman again rape and abused of women.

American Airlines and US Airways have announced a merger, it would create the world’s largest airline after an $11 billion deal. They will be called American Airlines and be based near me, in Ft. Worth, TX. But will probably be some time before the airlines actually begin merging flights and resources.

Bahrain marks the second anniversary of their uprising during the “Arab Spring”… with even more violence after anti-government protesters gathered in the streets. At least one is dead, boy 16.

Kerry new initiative towards Syria, Senate Republicans temporarily block vote on Defense Secretary nominee Hagel

Political and religious leaders from Pakistan have gathered in Islamabad to discuss joint strategy to deal with terrorism. Offer of “peace” from Taliban; two anti-American groups have refused to participate

Food safety experts in Great Britian say 6 dead horses, who tested positive for a painkiller drug, may have entered human food from France; the drug, bute or phenylbutazone is harmful to people

International Atomic Energy Agency failed to reach an agreement for talk with Iran about nukes, senior diplomat confirmed Tehran’s announcement that it is upgrading its nuclear program, Iran claims one of their senior officials in Lebanon has been shot, they are blaming Israel; Iran has admitted their Revolutionary guards are playing an “advisory” role in Syria,

A panel in Iraq has removed the country’s top judge Chief Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud from the Supreme Judicial Council for his (alleged) ties to Suddam Hussein, the panel’s task is to remove these people

Belarus is allowing Iryna Khalip, the wife of former Presidential candidate, Andrey Sannikau, to leave the country and visit her husband. Sannikau was sent to jail after finishing second in the last Belarus Presidential election, after 5 years he was released and granted asylum in Great Britain. His wife, Iryna was then put in jail for 2 year for staging anti-government protests and was banned from travel.

Suspects in a terrorism case where 11 men plotted to attack the US Embassy and a shopping mall in Jordan, pled not guilty as their court trial began

Russian energy company, Rosneft entered an $1.1 billion dollar agreement with Venezuela for a joint extraction venture in the country

Lawyers for Keynatta have called on the ICC to delay the start of the trial for crimes against humanity, right during the presidential race – March 4, trial starts April 11

Indonesia Muslims/politicians told young people to skip Valentine’s Day, calling it an excuse for premarital sex

Zombie attack warning on US TV stations