5 Minute International Update 02/12/2013

North Korea is nuclear. 3rd test run this morning—not that it should come as any surprise. The big story here really is what China will do. I will giving more thoughts on this story and its consequences tomorrow at 10pm EST at goldwatergal.com

State of the Union tonight given by re-elected President Barack Obama.

3 journalists charged in Nigeria for the murder of polio vaccination workers

Former Kyrgyzstan President and his brother sentenced in absentia, A concert held in Osh seeks to heal ethnic rift

In Libya the government is trying to integrate former fighters into security forces to control its borders

Police in Egypt stage rare protest – do not want to be political pawns

Yemen failed to look into the killing of 45 protesters in 2011, Human Rights Watch reports

In Athens, ferry workers forced back to work after the largest strike against Greek austerity measures

Kenya holds 1st Presidential debate last night

French tanker hijacked off Ivory coast last week was freed

The Rights Group Crisis in Zimbabwe said the country’s police is raiding theirs and other pro-democracy organizations ahead of a referendum on a new constitution

Russia’s Interior Ministry says they have killed the perpetrator of a suicide bomber that killed 40 people in 2010

Iranian lawmakers are pushing for an investigation after Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani was stopped from giving a speech on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution 1979 by protestors

The EU spent the weekend discussing budgets, but their travel costs the EU take payer $245 million a year

Hidden explosives found in Gao, Mali

Jamaica announces debt-swap program to comply with IMF

Stuart Freeborn, the British make-up artist from the original Star Wars movies died at 98.