5 Minute International Update 02/08/2013

Sudden upsurge of violence in Iraq. Major bombings of markets in Shiite areas killed at least 36 people and wounded more than 100. (This is the single bloodiest day so far this year.) Sunnis have been staging large anti-government protests of over 10,0000 people and reject the violence that is run by an Al-Qaeda linked group. However, this situation does not bode well for the election coming up April 20th, which will be the first national election since U. S. troop withdraw.

Thousands of people have showed for a rally in favor of Slovenia’s center-right government during a time of economic turmoil. Over 5,000 showed up before a planned anti-government rally. Slovenia has struggled, and is trying to avoid an international bailout from the European Union.

White House blocked arms to Syria

Tessalit in Mali retaken by France

In Tbilisi, Georgia protests against UNM and President Saakashvili took place that resulted in the assault of several lawmakers from the UNM party and prevented the President from giving his annual address, prevents by the ruling party Georgian Dream from giving the address in Parliament

China is still attempting to stop self-immolation protests in Tibet, 1 man is in jail (blamed), 70 detained

Ukraine is working on putting together an association agreement with the EU

Gunmen kill Nigerian women giving polio vaccines, at least 9 dead.

Karachi in Pakistan, the city with all the violence, is at a standstill due to strikes and protests, businesses closed, some gunfire, In Northwest Pakistan, bombs killed 10 people, wounded 23

Things have not calmed down in Tunsia. There are protests, many are blaming the ruling party in government, came to a head as police clashed with students outside the cemetery where Belaid buried

UN committee claims that hundreds of children killed by US drone strikes in Afghanistan, NATO rejects

A writers in Azerbaijan has been stripped of his national honors by writing a novel sympathizing with Armenians, of whom there have been long standing territorial tensions

Accused witch burned alive in Papua New Guinea

2 men have been arrested after admitting to involvement in the attempted assassination of Armenian Presidential candidate Paruyr Hairikian

In Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands rallied in the capital to demand execution for people convicted of war crimes in the 1979 war for independence

54 died in blast at military factory in Syria

New Monopoly piece is the cat’s meow?