5 Minute International Update 02-07-2013

This morning, on his way to work, prominent Tunsian opposition leader,  Chokri Belaid, a 47-year-old lawyer, was shot. This comes at a time of already high tensions in Tunisia.

After meeting yesterday with Egypt, Iran says they are ready to lend the economically struggling country money, weirdly. Which is interesting, probably in a bad way.

A gang of armed masked men in Mexico attacked and raped 6 Spanish tourists in Acapulco.

the lull in attacks on Damascus has stopped with renewed with heavy bombardments from rebel forces. Iran is calling on Assad and the opposition to negotiate

Iran tells US it cannot negotiate about nukes if Washington continues to “threaten” them, Iran broadcasted images it claims were recovered from US spy drone, a close ally of President Ahmadinejad, former prosecutor general Said Mortazavi spent 3 days in prison (no comment on why… but happened at the same time as the President yelled at the Parliamentary speaker)

Japan is claiming 2 Russian fighter planes entered their airspace, during the same time that the country held rallies demanding Moscow return a group of islands disputed by the two countries. The day has an official title even “Northern Territories Day”, observed through annual demonstrations. Russia is denying that this happened. Japan’s Foreign Ministry lodged a formal protest with the Russian Embassy.

There has been recent discussion of the US’s policy towards drone strike, putting some heat on the White House both from international parties as well as Congress. Congress is requesting justification for the strikes, particularly for Americans who have not undergone any kind of trial. In response, the White House is releasing a classified memo from 2010 to both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.

Egyptian border guards killed a Sudanese man illegally trying to enter Israel (19), this is a regular occurrence for Africans seeking work or asylum by trying to go through Egypt

All charges dropped against former Defense Minister of Georgia Irakli Okruashvili (political)

Top US diplomat for Africa cautioned voters against electing Uhuru Kenyatta, crimes against humanity

EU started their 2 day summit in Brussels where they will discuss budgets – yay

6 more people arrested in Azerbaijan in connection to the Ismayilli protests last month

US-Australia-Japan have joint drill in pacific

Since Obama announced his first trip to Israel in the spring, Palestinians are pushing for a tougher US stance towards Israel

Former Prime Minister from Tajikstan, Abdumalk Abdullojonov has been detailed in Ukraine for an international arrest warrant, he is accused of an assassination attempt on the Tajik President in 1996 and supporting an internal militant attack in 1998