Top 3 International Stories I’m Watching Today

1) The EU has begun talks in Brussels, mostly about what to do with their budget. Highly divided, the discussions and decisions won’t be pretty.

2) Sudden upsurge of violence in Iraq. Major bombings of markets in Shiite areas killed at least 36 people and wounded more than 100. (This is the single bloodiest day so far this year.) Sunnis have been staging large anti-government protests of over 10,0000 people and reject the violence that is run by an Al-Qaeda linked group. However, this situation does not bode well for the election coming up April 20th, which will be the first national election since U. S. troop withdraw.

3) Thousands of people have showed for a rally in favor of Slovenia’s center-right government during a time of economic turmoil. Over 5,000 showed up before a planned anti-government rally. Solvenia has struggled, and is trying to avoid an international bailout from the European Union.