Top 3 International Stories I’m Watching Today

1.) The Presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan meet in London with British Prime Minister David Cameron today. The discussion covered peace agreements between the two countries, and the hope for an eventual Strategic Partnership Agreement to be signed.

2.) Cubans voted in parliamentary elections yesterday. Votes not yet tallied but since everyone is part of the Communist party that they allow to run, pretty obvious who will win. The parliament will convene Feb. 24th to pick a new chief, first time in 20 years.

3.) A huge investigation into soccer tournaments all over the world show more than 680 games suspected of match-fixing. Europol said the corruption was wide spread across the world and probably run by organized crime units, particularly out of Singapore. Action has yet to be taken, and stopping this kind of cheating could be impossible since of course no one wants to admit to being involved.


Originally posted at Choose Your Stance