5 Minute International Update 01/29/2013

Egypt in crisis. Army Chief warned this morning that the “state could collapse” if the current unrest in the country drags on. (Though he did, surprisingly defend the right to protest.) Egypt mandated a curfew this weekend and thousands broke it to come out and protest. Miltiary troops were deployed to the Suez Canal and Port Said, the cities were announced as in a state of emergency. At least 60 people killed since Friday. Citizens of Port Said also killed 27 people in protests after death sentences for local fans

Mali gets violent. The army retook Timbaktu but in Gao, stories of military human rights abuses are everywhere. They say anyone with suspected ties to the Islamic radicals is being hunted down and beaten or killed. US warned that the intervention could take years.

Syrian rebels have stormed a government complex and released 11 prisoners. At the same time, 21,000 new refugees have fled into Jordan in just the past week.

2 died in a suicide bombing at Somalia’s Presidential, Al-Qaeda linked militant group, Al-Shabab

Policeman killed protecting polio vaccine workers, Un has suspended the anti-polio drive for that region in the North, Militant groups also clashed in that area, 24 killed

Transparency International released a report today saying there is wide spread corruption in the defense sector in 70% of countries

World Trade Organization started their general council meeting today, internal elections, go til Friday

Confirming North Korean Nuclear test will be pretty much impossible by outsiders

Burma gets rid of ban on public gatherings of more than 25 people, 25 years old

Iran and Argentina have joined together to investigate the bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires 19 years ago which killed 85 people and was blamed on Iran, 6 Iranians were prosecuted, “farce” “truth commission” Israel has summoned the Argentina’s ambassador to protest/demand an explanation

Iran renews crackdown on journalists leading up to elections in June. Iran considers any attack on Syria an attack on themselves, Iran say it sent monkey to space

Algeria admits they made mistakes in the hostage situation, such as refusing offers of foreign aid, but they feel that overall the operation was a success; gunmen attacked a gas line in Algeria and killed 2 guards before being driven off

Dutch Queen Beatrix abdicating, making her son, Willem-Alexander, 45 king of the Netherlands

Un planning to send 2,500 troops to the congo

Zimbabwe announced they have $217 in the country’s bank. Elections for them this year

Yemen seizes boat filled with weapons, most likely coming out of Iran for militants in the country