5 Minute International Update: 01/25/13


Great Britain has introduced a same-sex marriage bill, vote expected next month

The World Economic was held today in Davos, Switzerland. 25 activists against Arctic Drilling, chained gas pumps together at a Shell service station and held up signs saying “Arctic oil – too risky”. Greenpeace was behind the protest. There has been no response from Shell officials in Davos this week; Despite the European Central Bank talking about positive signs in the market, American Economist Barry Eichengreen warned that the debt crisis could easily become a problem again this year if Europe doesn’t solve underlying problems. European economic crisis would of course have consequences for the rest of the world as well.

250 steel workers protested outside the PM’s office in Belgium, after the leading steel and mining country announced that it would be closing 7 facilities, the protest became violence when police arrived

20 people detained in Moscow after a another kiss-in protest turned violent, Russia started debate on the “homosexual propaganda” law today, the protestors were held for “unapproved demonstration”, Magnitsky’s Mother thanks Obama for legislation

North Korea threatened South Korea with “physical countermeasures” for backing the UN sanctions

Mali army has pushed through to the city of Gao held by rebel extremists

Sunni protestors clashed with police in Iraq leaving at least 5 dead

Questions raised about New Delhi rape trial

In Afghanistan, suicide car bomber targeted NATO convoy, but instead killed 5 and wounded 15 civilians

In a convoluted, movie-plot story: 11 Chinese government officials were fired over blackmail sex tapes recorded by developers with hired women.

Al-Qaeda’s #2 in Yemen died today after wounds he received during a drone strike

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas wants to meet with newly elected members of Israel’s parliament

7 dead on 2 year anniversary of Egypt’s uprising

Syrian forces step up attacks on rebel-held Homs

Thousands are fleeing the Congo

Norway says 3 missing hostages dead in Algeria

Final votes in Israel tallied giving Netanyahu’s party only a one-seat majority in Parliament

Kenya says they will not negotiate with Al-Qaeda aligned militants from Somalia over 2 hostages