Top 3 International Stories I’m Watching Today

1.) Israel elections are today most likely Netanyahu and his party will win again by a big margin. Exit polls reflect this. The strongest opposition is an even more right wing party with more nationalistic tendencies, even though most of Europe views the current government as extremely hawkish.

2.) The Pentagon believes that Al Qaeda was behind the attack/hostage situation in Algeria. Forces there are looking for 5 still missing who may have escaped to the desert. In reaction to this, Norway has opted to move forces to the Northern African region.

3.) The African country, Eritrea has restored order. Last night a group of 100 soldiers stormed the ministry of information, and took over television broadcasting. They read a statement about reviving the 1997 constitution and freeing political prisoners. But the government (considered an oppressive regime) cut the broadcast short and restored some kind of order. An ambassador denied anything had even happened.