Top 3 International Stories I’m Watching Today

1.) Algerian hostage situation is still the top story after the weekend. Algeria completed a final raid where multiple hostages and militants were killed. They found more bodies in the building itself as well as bombs. Current counts, mostly based on Alergian state news, are as follows:

At least 81 reported dead. 32 militants. 23 hostages. 25 bodies that were unidentifiable

1 Romanian died in the hospital after evacuation.

3 Americans dead (one Texan), 7 escaped.

6 Philippines dead.

3 Brits dead.

2 Romanians dead.

1 French dead.

10 Japanese still missing.

5 Norwegians still missing.

3 Britons still missing.

4 Filipinos still missing.

2 Malaysians still missing.

News also indicates that this was an inside job, with one of the plant’s drivers in on it as well as 2 Canadians.

2.) France’s army advanced on Diabaly, a town in Mali under militant control. The operation is currently on-going.
3.) Ahmed Dogan, leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedom party in Bulgaria was attacked while giving a speech. A gunman jumped out of the crowd onto the stage and attempted to shoot the party leader in the head at point blank range. The gun appeared to miss fire and the assailant was tackled, beaten and arrested.