Top 3 stories I’m Watching Today

1.) In retaliation for the French intervention in Mali, Islamist extremists captured multiple Westerners (some numbers are as high as 40) as punishment. The hostages included French, British, Norwegian, Japanese and even as many as 7 Americans. This happened yesterday. Early this morning an Algerian official said 20 of the hostages (including Americans) escaped. It is believe the Islamists are still holding people, but the story is developing. UPDATE: Sources now say hostages that escaped were Algerian and that the foreign hostages were killed

2.) After a botched attempt by French commandos to rescue a hostage intelligence officer in Somalia, correct information was hard to come by. New sources originally said the hostage was killed during the rescue mission. Yesterday the militants from the extremist group Al-Shabab announced they still had the French hostage and planned to kill him. Today via Twitter, the militants posted that they had executed the hostage, codename Denis Allex. No response has yet been heard from the French government.

3.) Greek doctors and workers at the Athens metro walked off the job today to protest salary cuts. These cuts came as part of austerity measures required by international lenders to receive their bailout.