5 Minute International Update 01-16-13

2 Tajik police officers near the Uzbekistan border, one killed, one wounded. Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan target Tajikistan task force.

Uzbekistan begins paying back Kyrgyzstan for Sokh.

Man arrested as suspect in murder of Kyrgyzstan official in the Osh region. Chief of Interior Ministry’s Department to Fight Organized Crime and Corruption.

A helicopter crashed (we think due to foggy weather) with a crane in London and landed on a crowded street near MI6. 2 dead and 13 wounded.

Demonstrators burned 221 (empty) coffins outside of the Kenya parliament entrance. The coffins symbolized the end of the corrupt era of the 221 outgoing legislators. This protest was probably triggered by legislators attempting to give themselves a $110,000 raise which was vetoed by the President. A Kenyan legislator earns about $175,000 a year compared to the $1,700 average salary in the country.

France is in direct combat with insurgents in Mali.

20 people dead and 100 wounded in suicide bomb attacks in Iraq

In Afghanistan Car bomb Explosion in Kabul followed by gunfire, Taliban is claiming responsibility

Georgian political prisoners recently released are demanding compensation for their time in jail, 190 people

Russian court turns down Pussy Riot appeal, one member tried to defer her sentence until her preschool aged soon is a teenager

Mayor Carlos Castillo Medrano of Jutiapa, a city in Guatemala was shot and killed in a barber shop, it should be noted the mayor’s brother is Manuel de Jesus Castillo, former congressman accused of drug gang ties and now serving a prison sentence related to the slaying of 3 El Salvador representatives to the Central American Parliament

Local Pakistani government removed in Balochistan after multiple bombings and sectarian violence in Quetta, the capital of the region, more than 90 dead, the Prime Minister, the one just out for arrest is supposed to visit the region this week, ends the coffin protest

French hostage in Somalia threatened with death

Algerian Islamist kidnapped multiple Westerners, from Mali, retaliation to France

Dominican and US agents seized 900 kilograms (almost 2000 plbs) of cocaine off a speedboat