5 Minute International Update 01-15-13

6 people arrested in new rape of bus passenger in India. This takes place only 4 weeks after the brutal attack on a student who died from her injuries. In this case, the woman was the only passenger on the bus, instead of dropping her off at her location; he took her to a desolate location where the driver and conductor met with other friends. The group took turns raping her throughout the night and dropped her off at her village in the morning. 2 weeks ago, the body of a 9-year old girl was found after being raped in murdered in New Delhi.

In Moscow, 10,000 people marched in protest this weekend against the Russian adoption ban.

France has sent 400 troops into Mali to fight against Islamist rebels that have taken over the northern part of the country. French are bombing northern cities and say they should be finished in a few weeks. The US officials said we are sending 2 drones to help, Panetta has not confirmed and the British are also sending air support. French forces bombed the Islamist extremists all night long. Nigeria is sending 200 troops in the next 24 hours. This is the largest territory in the world actively held by Al-Qaeda.

UN wants to look into human rights abuses in North Korea

Cubans can officially leave the island

David Cameron on Great Britain in EU, wants to stay in EU but wants to renegotiate the relationship, his plan will be laid out in a speak on Jan. 18th

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has issued an arrest order for its Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in connection to a corruption case. At the same time populist Islamist cleric Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri demanded the resignation of the government at a rally of more than 10,000 followers, he is believed to be backed by the Pakistani military.

Activists in Syria say that there are new airstrikes all around the capital, Damascus. Several dozen people were killed. University in Syria bombed, 80 people killed.

Jordan has set up a new office just to oversee refugees coming out of Syria

Egyptian court grants Mubarak appeal, orders retrial

This weekend Serbia adopted a new set of guidelines for reconciliation talks with Kosovo, this comes not long after an announcement never to recognize them, a step forward, also the only way to get their EU membership

8-year old British girl shot in Jamaica, lone gunman opened fire on a group of family members, he came up behind her and shot her in the head and shoulder before shooting 3 adult family members, still no arrests

Shots fired at Greece’s ruling party headquarters, even hitting an office occasionally used by the Prime Minister, no one was injured, all political parties in Greece condemned the attack, no group has taken credit