5 Minute International Update 12-23-2012

Violence in Kenya, dozens dead after clash near Tana River

John Kerry nominated as Sec. of State

UN helicopter shot down in South Sudan

Oman holds first municipal election

Bombing at political rally in Pakistan kills 8, Pakistan announces 29 nationals beaten by Afghans

Syria fires more scuds and cluster bombs at civilians, 200 die in bread line bombing, unconfirmed reports of noxious gas

Russia said it won’t host Assad, but others welcome

2 bombers target mobile phone firms in Nigeria

Yemen court sentences 3 militants with up to 6 years in prison

Egypt central bank governor and vice president resign, final voting on constitution takes place

US Congressional commission release a report showing how China aided Iranian missile and nuclear programs. The 95-page report, “China-Iran: A Limited Partnership,” was produced for the commission by the intelligence contractor CENTRA Technology and dated October 2012.

Security forces raided the home and office of a Sunni official in Baghdad, bringing fears that the Prime Minister might be cracking down on his political opposition

Un Security Council votes unanimously for military intervention in Mali, UN also imposed sanctions on 2 Iranian firms that violated the arms embargo on shipping weapons to Syria

Liyba – 4 dead after militants attacked security headquarters in Benghazi, rocket-propelled and hand grenades

Tunisia appoints new finance minister after violent protests last week for more jobs

Israel’s UN envoy urged the Security Council to condemn the rearming of Hezbollah, who Israel says now has an arsenal of 10,000 missiles