5 Minute International Update 12-20-12



France and Algeria (as equals) – no apology


Amnesty International says EU is close to a humanitarian issues in the treatment of immigrants in Greece


Nicaragua TV personalities charged with laundering and drug smuggling, 18 – drugs in their TV vans


Banning Americans from adopting Russian children, in response to Magnitsky bills; Putin says Syria needs change and he is not protecting Assad


French psychiatrist sentenced for murder because her schizophrenic patient killed someone


9th death of polio aid worker in Pakistan


Palestine will file war crimes against Israel if Netanyahu wins elections in January (which he is expected to)


Ecuador Central Bank president resigns are acknowledging his academic degree was fake (22 years ago)


RAND shut down in United Arab Emirates, 3rd move of this kind against Western research groups, RAND is a US policy research group


Egypt top prosecutor retracted his resignation from Monday, he is accused of pressuring a judge not to release protesters opposed to Muslim Brotherhood, Talaat Abdullah


Cuba is protesting US fines levied against banks that broke sanctions regarding Cuba-US relations, after a UN vote to condemn the 50-year old US embargo against Cuba


Rebels in Central African Republic have seized 7 towns, they do say they are ready for negotiations with the government


Mali: the Islamist extremist group, Ansar Dine, has added a new brigade Ansar Shariah, this group is known for public executions and amputations, after the UN is looking into military force


Hindu nationalists won in state elections today in Gujarat in Western India, which could affect national elections coming up in 2014,


Protests continue in New Delhi after gang rape