The U. S. Government Won’t Protect You From the Zombie Apocalypse

We all know it’s coming. A strange virus starts to bring bodies back to life, or at least exist in some kind of strange diseased state of rapid deterioration. It transfers between people through saliva and blood, usually aggravated by some kind of bite. The disease strikes rapidly. Once a person has contracted it, they may have only hours to live. Everyone knows but no one wants to say it: zombies.

If it happens like most zombie literature details, the population will dwindle, and people will enter survival mode. In this time of great need we will rely on surviving scientists and the Center for Disease Control to provide a cure. I, personally, believe our greatest minds will find some way to protect us from the ensuing Apocalypse.  Most likely, our salvation would come from a vaccination, some way for our body to build up defenses against the zombie curse.

However, the government, if it managed to survive this crisis, would not be able to force the vaccination on anyone. Despite it being for our own good, despite the people who refuse or cannot get the vaccine run the risk becoming the very disease we hope to prevent… forcing people to get this vaccination would be outside the role of government. This is the great burden of freedom: You can choose to save yourself or you can be a zombie.

And that is what I learned from listening to the oral arguments in the Supreme Court regarding the Affordable Care Act (Florida, et all v. Department of Health and Human Resources).

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