Top 3 International Stories I’m Watching Today (Valentine’s Edition)

By: Mike Mozart


1) International Valentine’s Day Update: Not every country wanted to celebrate the joys of romance today like us sappy heathens :)

Russian Democratic leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said everyone should only kiss on the forehead, like you do at funerals, because love is death. Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan public officials and religious leaders have urged their citizens not to participate. In Pakistan, those in favor of and against the holiday actually came to blows.


2) Italy’s Democratic party voted for a change of government and in response, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will step down.


3) Anti-government protests which brought out thousands in Venezuela began Wednesday and led to 3 deaths yesterday. The Venezuelan government is blaming opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez for the deaths.


Syria Update: Geneva II talks still with no progress. The UN halted evacuations out of Homs until more information comes out about the men detained by the government from the city.

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