Today’s Top International Stories: ISIS, Somalia & Finland

1) ISIS has released a new video of militants killing 30 Ethiopian Christians from Libya. Half of the hostages were shot execution style and the other half were beheaded. Ethiopia has not been able to confirm the citizenship of the men killed in the video but has offered to evacuate any Ethiopians from Libya. ISIS also claimed a bombing outside of the U.S. consulate in the Kurdish region of Irbil, Iraq. No one from the consulate was harmed, but two Turkish bystanders died in the car bombing.

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Today’s Top International Stories: South Africa, Yemen & Montenegro

1) Malawi has decided to evacuate its citizens from South Africa after a week of attacks against foreigners, which has killed five, including a 14-year-old boy. Similar attacks happened in 2008 killing 62 people. Many foreign-owned shops have already closed. Malawi is the first country to decided to evacuate its 420 citizens from the region.

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Today’s Top International Stories: Afghanistan, Yemen & Mexico

1) In Afghanistan, three U.S. soldiers were wounded when an Afghan soldier began shooting. The man was killed before he could harm more people. The incident followed a meeting with a U.S. Embassy official. The U.S. Embassy in Kabul confirmed that U.S. Ambassador  was not harmed or in the area. Afghanistan is still struggling to fill government positions, just today the nominee for Defense Minister withdrew his name.

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